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Beside You in Time [podfic cover] by KDHeart Beside You in Time [podfic cover] :iconkdheart:KDHeart 8 0
Batrana si inorogul
"Fiare vechi! Fiare vechi luăm!"
Vocea bătrânului ţigan răsuna până la etajul 4. Trecea prin cartier în fiecare sâmbătă, mereu cu acelaşi refren şi împingând o roabă ponosită.
Bătrana mângâie absentă coama inorogului ce stătea cu capul în poala ei.
"De data asta n-am ce-i face," oftă ea. "Doar nu vrei să păţesc ca Margot, când au găsit-o cu balaurul? Ori te duci cu el, ori te întorci de unde ai venit!"
Inorogul necheză trist, suflarea sa încălzindu-i coapsa. Nici el nu mai ştia de unde venise.
:iconkdheart:KDHeart 2 0
Should it end...
21 May 2011
Somewhere under a table
Dear me,
If you're reading this, they've probably got it wrong again.
Then again, if you're not reading this, you should probably take better care of your stuff - end of the world or not, it's ridiculous to lose a letter to yourself from your own computer! Either that, or you still haven't sobered up.
Honestly, out of all the days the world could end, it had to be the eve of my birthday! I guess it shows Someone has a sense of humour.
Now, since you're probably reading this, get off your ass and go back to studying - exams are coming and you're out of excuses. Yes, an Apocalypse would be more entertaining than Leadership Studies, but look at it this way - there's two more episodes of Doctor Who to hold on for and they've ended Sherlock on one hell of a cliffhanger. Get through your exams and look forward to those!
P.S. Don't forget they've said 2012 was a typo. You can't use that as an excuse to procrastinate, either.
:iconkdheart:KDHeart 0 0
How Stories Work
Once upon an ending something began.
:iconkdheart:KDHeart 2 0
A Man and His Jacuzzi
Taking over the world isn't all it's cracked up to be. For starters, it takes forever to get all those other warlords to work for you – you need more than one fist to take over those unwilling kingdoms and peace-loving neutrals. It takes even longer to take out the warlords (you did choose them because of their strength in the first place, didn't you?) – did they actually expect you to share? After you deal with the competition (dead, of course) you have to make sure there's a nice little dungeon waiting for any who threaten your rule (the petty criminals that make the peasants and nobility feel uneasy, the real threats don't even get to see the bars – it's so much easier to send them to the afterlife and let them cause threat there…).
Of course, once you have your hands on the world you realize you actually have to take care of it. I for one, would much rather rule over a civilized society, with everyone looking up to me for support and encouragement and worshiping
:iconkdheart:KDHeart 1 2
Not in a Million Years
She'd been doing research. There were, on the table in front of her, various poisons, blades, drugs and lists of other methods of ending one's life. None of them tempted her in any particular way. For one, she never really went in for drugs – she even stayed away from aspirin if at all possible – and all the poisons she could afford were either too slow or too messy, slitting her wrists was a bit too dramatic for her taste and she's discovered just how hard it was to get her hands on a gun – she almost ended up in jail after trying to buy one from an undercover police officer.  Besides, with her luck, someone would just drop by and find her just after she gobbled the pills or made the incisions and rush her to the hospital in the nick of time and then never letting her live it down. She wasn't going to jump out the window – she lived on the second floor for goodness sake – and she didn't feel inclined to take a little walk to the nearest railway cross
:iconkdheart:KDHeart 0 0
Goodbye by KDHeart Goodbye :iconkdheart:KDHeart 0 2 Snow by KDHeart Snow :iconkdheart:KDHeart 0 0 Male Upgrade and a Fairy by KDHeart Male Upgrade and a Fairy :iconkdheart:KDHeart 1 0 Cinnamon and Mistletoe by KDHeart Cinnamon and Mistletoe :iconkdheart:KDHeart 9 0 Indian Cheef by KDHeart Indian Cheef :iconkdheart:KDHeart 0 0 Waiting by KDHeart Waiting :iconkdheart:KDHeart 3 0 Strangers in a Teashop by KDHeart Strangers in a Teashop :iconkdheart:KDHeart 11 6 Ultimul Tren by KDHeart Ultimul Tren :iconkdheart:KDHeart 1 0 The Last Train by KDHeart The Last Train :iconkdheart:KDHeart 1 0
The Wind Whispers a Story...
The wind whispers a story: the sigh of a princess, alone in her tower. And she waits…
She gazes out the window at the forest that grows darker and thicker each year.
Her captor, an ogre, no longer fears the coming of a hero: most have forgotten she was there, the rest turn back half-way and the beasts take care of the brave. He looks at her silently and holds out a rose, his ever rejected offering.
She wants to turn him down, as always. The echoes of the past ring in her ears with the cries of defeated heroes.
"How many has it been?" she asks, taking the flower.
The wind whispers a story: the beating of an ogre's heart within the petals of a rose.
:iconkdheart:KDHeart 2 0

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The Non-Existent Photograph by inklou The Non-Existent Photograph :iconinklou:inklou 1,328 60
The Romanian Referendum - Aftermath
[Warning: this is a pamphlet]
...On July 29, 2012 the Romanian people voted for or against the impeachment of the suspended president, Traian Basescu. The results meant that the winner was obvious...
Total number of voters on election lists: 18.292.464
Total number of people who voted: 8.459.053 (46.24%)
Necessary number of people necessary for the referendum to be valid: 50%+1
Suspended president, Traian Basescu: I WON! The referendum is invalid because not enough people came to vote. I told my people not to vote, there were more who didn't vote than those who voted, therefore I WON! I am the president of 22 million Romanians, not just of the 7.5 million who voted for my impeachment! That's right, people! If you didn't vote, you voted for me! *tries to do Gilderoy Lockhart impression*
The coalition that suspended him, USL: 87.5% of voters voted against president Basescu and only 11.5% voted for him. We were this close to meeting the target and we fai
:icontheothersarshi:TheOtherSarshi 1 1
avengers buttons by lizleeillustration avengers buttons :iconlizleeillustration:lizleeillustration 113 24 GND193 - Family Values II by Pika-la-Cynique GND193 - Family Values II :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 1,616 868 The Avenger movie review comic yay by caycowa The Avenger movie review comic yay :iconcaycowa:caycowa 566 113 Roommates 270 - Detective by AsheRhyder Roommates 270 - Detective :iconasherhyder:AsheRhyder 573 702 Of Nowhere and Neverwhen (left panel) by Doodleholic Of Nowhere and Neverwhen (left panel) :icondoodleholic:Doodleholic 269 45 Castiel - War by inklou Castiel - War :iconinklou:inklou 1,117 42 Roommates 269 - Beep by AsheRhyder Roommates 269 - Beep :iconasherhyder:AsheRhyder 476 555 Of Nowhere and Neverwhen (right panel) by Doodleholic Of Nowhere and Neverwhen (right panel) :icondoodleholic:Doodleholic 451 60 Korra and Asami by Linnpuzzle Korra and Asami :iconlinnpuzzle:Linnpuzzle 2,398 267 What was I thinking?.. by jen-and-kris What was I thinking?.. :iconjen-and-kris:jen-and-kris 1,668 107 Good Omens: Too Fine a Point by Kaytara Good Omens: Too Fine a Point :iconkaytara:Kaytara 359 46 GND192 - Monster Hunters, Postscript by Pika-la-Cynique GND192 - Monster Hunters, Postscript :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 1,046 409 Lightborn -p40 by Kenu Lightborn -p40 :iconkenu:Kenu 72 11




I finally finished writing Samll Steps and the whole story is available for free on the BWN site. It will be out in paperback, ebook and audiobook format in July 2015.
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Just your average aspiring writer, student and all-round fangirl.
I have a large collection of accounts on various sites, including another account here on dA.

My old deviantART account :iconkitsunedragonheartlo:
A3O (With all of my podfics here)
My Sesshoumaru/Kagome fan fics over on Dokuga
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Livejournal and Dreamwidth mostly for podfic and fan fic writing challanges.
There's also a tumblr that's 80% fandom reblogs, 10% reblogs of my and :icontheothershiroki:'s stuff from various other sites and 10% randomness
I'm on twitter, in case you want to stalk me KD_Heart (mostly podfic, Supernatural and fandom in general, but it's the best way to get my attention if you're in a hurry)

If you're interested in illustration and fan art, go check out my sister's profile :icontheothershiroki:.
And you have no idea what you're losing if you haven't read any one :icontheothersarshi:'s stories yet. Go! Read! And then come back and fangirl with me over how awesome she is :D


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